Do your brakes feel soft when you apply them? Watch out! It could be a sign of an impending disaster. Rather than wait on brake repairs, be sure to handle them as soon as they crop up.

Unsure? Check out the following additional ways you can determine whether or not your vehicle needs its brakes repaired:

  1. Noisy Brakes- Does that screeching noise make you want to cover your ears? Get to the mechanic as soon as you can. Once brakes begin to make sounds like these, it typically isn't a sign of anything good and could even be an indicator that your brakes are more worn out than you may realize.
  2. Shaking or Rattling- when you apply the brake, does the vehicle begin to quake? Though annoying, this isn't something you will want to brush off. Get your mechanic to check your brakes for you, as soon as possible.
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