One of the most important and common vehicle maintenance items is having your oil changed. Since you do this task so often, you may think that you know most of what there is to know about motor oil. However, it could be that not everything you know about motor oil is true. To test your knowledge, we at Stevinson Imports offer these facts to put some common motor oil formulation misconceptions to rest.

When it comes to motor oil, many people assume that different formulations don't matter. For example, many people think that oil that's marketed for high-mileage engines is no different than standard motor oil. However, in general, these different formulations aren't just for fluff. Different types of motor oils often contain different additives that make them useful for different applications.

Another common misconception arises from the oil that is commonly used in service centers in Littleton, CO. This oil, commonly called bulk oil, is often assumed to be of subpar quality compared to oil that comes in smaller bottles. However, there are stringent federal regulations regarding motor oil, meaning that oil is of the same quality, no matter the container it is packaged in.

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